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XBox One X on BrightHouse

By 21st February 2019Uncategorized

XBox One X on BrightHouse

We’ve recently had a client who was paying for an XBox One X through BrightHouse. When we looked into it, what we found was shocking.


Xbox One X. 1TB. Forza 7 & Horizon 4 Bundle

  • Product Price: £606.44
  • Weekly Payment: £9.75
  • Number of Weeks: 130
  • APR: 99.9%
  • Total Payable: £1,267.50

Currys – PC World

Xbox One X. 1TB. Forza 7 & Horizon 4 Bundle

  • Product Price: £379.00
  • Monthly Payment: £14.56
  • Number of Months: 36
  • APR: 24.9%
  • Total Payable: £524.16

Firstly, I will say that £10 a week for an XBox One, sounds like a great deal. However, when you look a little closer, the total repayment of £1,267.50 is scandalous! You can buy THREE of the same product from Currys (and this isn’t an advert for Currys, there are probably cheaper deals than this out there. Shop around)! Even if you take out credit at Currys, it works out an amazing £743.34 cheaper!

On top of that, even the basic product price from BrightHouse is more expensive than Currys’ price after interest is added on.

Prices correct as of 21-02-2019.

In Short…

We understand that there are sometimes situations when companies such as BrightHouse are needed, and we’re not here to tell you the obvious that £500 is less than £1,200. However… if you genuinely NEED something, please shop around, and look at the long-term cost.