Council Tax: Attachment of Earnings

If you have recently received a letter concerning an attachment of earnings relating to your council tax bill, you will be understandably worried. Fortunately you are in the right place, we will explain what at an attachment of earnings is and how they work.

What is an Attachement of Earnings?

An attachment of earnings is a legal process whereby the council can take money directly from your wages (earnings) before you even receive it. It works in a way similar to tax, national insurance and pension contributions are, and will appear on your payslip.

The attachment is usually because you have failed to pay your council tax, you were then give a county court judgement (CCJ) to repay the debt, and then you failed to meet the CCJ’s agreed payments.

How Much Will I Pay?

An attachment of earnings works on a percentage of how much you take home (net), so what you will pay depends entirely on your income. If you earn less than £300 per month (£75 per week) you will not pay anything.

This is roughly how much you will pay:

Monthly Earnings

  • £300 – £550 = 3%
  • £550 – £740 = 5%
  • £740 – £900 = 7%
  • £900 – £1,420 = 12%
  • £1,420 – £2,020 = £17%
  • £2,020 = 17% of the first £2,020 then 50% of the amount above £2,020

Weekly Earnings

  • £75 – £135 = 3%
  • £135 – £185 = 5%
  • £185 – £225 = 7%
  • £225 – £355 = 12%
  • £355 – £505 = 17%
  • £505 = 17% of the first £505 then 50% of the amount above £505

Can This Change?

Yes, it’s not a ‘set-in-stone’ fee, so if your earnings change so will the attachment on it. Unfortunately, this also includes any bonus, commission, work overtime, or anything else that may boost your pay.


Will It Affect My Employment?

Other than possible slight embarrassment on both sides, it is very unlikely that an attachment of earnings will affect your job. However, make sure that you check your contract carefully, as some companies require that you inform them if you’ve got a CCJ (which you will have if you get an attachment of earnings).

Note: An attachment of earnings cannot be issued against those working in the armed forces.

What If I Change Employment?

If you change employer during the duration of your attachment of earnings, it may take some time for everything to sort itself out. So, in order to keep yourself within the law, make sure you tell your new employer about the attachment of earnings when you start.

Can I Avoid an Attachment of Earnings?

f you have reached the stage of an attachment of earnings there’s no real way back.

However, if you are in the position to have a county court judgement taken out against you, then it’s not exactly rare to find yourself struggling to pay that too.

If you are ever struggling to meet repayments, particularly on this such as council tax, you should call them immediately and let them know your circumstances.

Struggling To Repay Your Debts?

If you are struggling to repay your council tax, or any other debts, then you need to talk to trained professionals. The experts at Debt Assist UK are on hand to discuss your financial problems with you and provide help and advice.