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Train Delays and Refunds

By 22nd May 2018Uncategorized
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Train Delays and Refunds

Almost the whole rail network seems a little messed up at the minute, with most trains running through (at least) Manchester being delayed or cancelled.

Choose Not To Travel?

You are legally entitled to a full refund should you choose not travel if your train is late or delayed. This comes under the National Rail Conditions of Travel. If you decide not to travel for a different reason, you can get a refund of up to £10 (minus admin costs).

Beware however, as some tickets, such as advance fairs and season tickets, are not refundable.

Still Getting The Train?

If you still decide/need to get the train, it’s not all lost, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation you receive is dependent upon the operator you travel with. The company’s charter (see below) outlines the minimum offered, so it’s always worth arguing for more:

However, as a minimum, if you arrive at your destination one late you are entitled to:

  • Single Ticket – 50% of price paid.
  • Returns Ticket – 50% of price paid if both legs are delayed by an hour.
  • Season Ticket – Check the charters up above.

The rail companies may try not to pay out if the delay was beyond their control, e.g vandalism, extreme weather conditions, or orders from emergency services, however I think in these situations most people would understand the delay.

Poor Service

You may also be able to claim back money on your ticket if you believe you have experienced poor service, however the rail company may argue this.

How To Claim

  • All claims need to be made to the retailer from which you bought your ticket. This includes third-party/online retailers too, stating the date and time you purchased the ticket.
  • You must have your ticket, or proof of purchase. This enables the rail company to know that your complaint is genuine.
  • Claims must be made within 28 days of completing (or not) the journey.