Self-Employed IVA

Self employed? Struggling with debt?

Manage your debts with affordable, monthly payments.

Free From Debt in Five Years

A self-employed IVA is a debt management solution created to manage the needs of the self employed.

With a self-employed IVA you could be free from debt in just five years – carrying on running your business throughout the process.

Pros Of A Self-Employed IVA

  • Continue running your business
  • Continue using lines of credit
  • Continue using essential trade suppliers
  • Keep necessary tools and stock
  • Payments to fit your cash flow

With a self-employed IVA you could write off a significant amount of personal and business debt, without adding further interest and charges, no more threats of legal action, and no more creditors chasing you for payments!

Our advisers will come up with a realistic payment plan that allows you to repay your creditors, but also ensures you have enough left over to run your home and business, buy food and clothing for you and your family, and still repay all of your essential outgoings

Please Note: Debt Assist UK only provide debt advice; we do not directly provide any financial solutions ourselves. We will talk you through your available options and if appropriate, we can offer you a no-obligation referral to a regulated debt solution provider, from whom we may receive a referral fee. Some debt solutions involve fees to you – these fees may differ based on the circumstances of your individual situation, but will always be explained to you by your chosen solution provider in writing before you decide to take up their service(s).

Do You Qualify?

To qualify for a self-employed IVA you need to work for yourself and complete a self-assessment tax return. You must have a viable business with debts of over £7,000.