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Residents Of These Cities Have The Most Personal Debt

By 12th March 2020News

Residents Of These Cities Have The Most Personal Debt

New research has revealed the cities in the UK in which their residents have the greatest amount of personal debt.

The report found that almost half of UK adults have some kind of financial debt. The main sources of these were credit cards (78%) and overdraft payments (44%). However, among people aged 25-35 the biggest source were payday loans and ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes – it was also shockingly revealed that this age group would only consider themselves in debt once they owed more than £5,000!

Where Are People In The Most Debt?

Residents of Edinburgh are the most indebted (according to the report), with 55% of all residents saying that they were in some kind of debt – but as we’ve seen, a large percentage of people wouldn’t consider themselves to be in debt until it was too late.

Edinburgh | Derby | Cardiff | London | Norwich | Belfast | Leeds | Manchester | Bristol | Southampton | Aberdeen | Sheffield | Portsmouth | Sunderland | Nottingham | Oxford | Birmingham | Stoke-on-Trent

If nothing else, this just shows that no matter where are in the UK, if you are worrying about your debts, then there will be many other people in the same boat as you.

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