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Never Repay Debts

By 26th November 2018News

Never Repay Debts

This isn’t a suggestion…Many households are struggling with their debts so much, that they believe they will never repay their debts.

This is according to a report from comparison site MoneySuperMarket. The report shows that 12% of people believe they will never repay their debts, and shockingly, 7% believe they won’t be able to have children as a result of being in debt.

Sally Francis-Miles, spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Some debts are entered into as part of a financial plan, such as a mortgage, but when an emergency situation leaves them unable to pay, many feel left without a choice and turn to high-cost options such as payday loans or expensive credit cards.”

“Money worries can cause extreme stress, and leave people feeling alone and desperate but there are many advice services available to help, including debt-help charities and the Money Advice Service. Seeking help and support can make all the difference if you or someone close to you is struggling with their financial situation – there’s always a way out of a debt spiral.”

41% of the the people questioned had never sought help for their debts, which is shocking as it’s than ever to get help with your debts. If you are struggling with repayments on personal loans, household bills or credit cards, give our friendly advisers a call on 0800 029 3992 or fill in the form below and we’ll give you call back.

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