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Gambling and Debt

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Gambling and Debt

Gambling and debt often form a vicious circle; gambling is often a source of debt, but being in debt often causes people to gamble in the hope of paying off their ever-increasing debts.

Whilst we can help you with gambling debts, we cannot help you if you don’t help yourself. In order to prove that we aren’t helping someone purely to get more money to gamble with, we must see proof that you are no longer gambling (three months on your bank statements is usually enough). However, if you have a gambling addiction we advise you to seek help and support from trained professionals.


GamCare offer support and counselling online or over the phone so you can talk to their trained advisers anonymously.

Call GamCare on 0808 8020 133 8am – midnight or visit their website at

Support Groups

Talking to people in a similar position is a great way to help yourself. Support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous or SMART Recovery can help put you in touch with people to help keep your gambling under control.

Your GP

It might not be your first thought, but a visit to your GP should be your first call if you believe you could be addicted to gambling. Together you can discuss the options available to you in your area, or put you forward for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); this sounds worse than it actually is, CBT is a form of talking therapy that effectively helps many people.

Addicted to Gambling?

If you gamble regularly, there are a few warning signals to keep an eye on to see whether or not you, or a loved one, may have a gambling addiction.

  • Using money you don’t have to bet – overdraft or credit cards.
  • Missing payments to debts because you have gambled your money.
  • Gambling to make money to repay your debts.

As a general rule, if you’re gambling with money you are afraid to lose, then don’t.


GamStop is a free service that lets you put controls in place to restrict your online gambling activities. You will be prevented from using gambling websites and apps run by companies licensed in Great Britain, for a period of your choosing.

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Gambling Debts?

If you are struggling with debts from gambling, call our friendly advisers. They will discuss with you your options and suggest a realistic way to get you out of debts. And, most importantly, they will never judge you. Over the years we have helped many people struggling with gambling debts.