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Debt Levels Rise Across UK

By 21st August 2018News

Debt Levels Rise Across UK

Citizens Advice, have recently revealed that UK households are in debt on their essential bills, to a total of £18.9 BILLION!

These essential bills are things such as council tax, and non-payment of which can have serious consequences including seizure of goods, loss of service, or even loss of home. These debts have lead to an increase in the use of bailiffs in order to collect the payments, and in turn, have lead to an increase of complaints against bailiffs.

Falling behind in your household bills can lead to extortionate interest and charges from the service provider, which in turn lead to greater debt, greater inability to repay, and greater stress and worry. However, there is no need to worry, contact our trained advisers and see what they can do to help.

Bailiff Help

Citizens Advice particularly highlight the case of a man receiving cancer treatment who missed a £30 parking fine and then found that bailiffs had let themselves into his home and were removing possessions.

Cleaning Up The Industry

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have announced a call for evidence on bailiffs and their tactics and will take necessary action to ‘clean up the industry’.

Russell Hamblin-Boone, chief executive of the Civil Enforcement Association has said, “A visit by an enforcement agent is always the last resort. Agents are highly trained and must follow a process set out in detailed regulations to ensure that they collect unpaid council tax and court fines fairly,

“The fees that are added to the outstanding debt are fixed by government and anyone owing money to the council will receive calls, letters, emails and texts and an opportunity to set up a payment plan.

“We work closely with the voluntary sector and under the regulations people are sign posted to debt advice, which accounts for the increase in numbers. But if anyone has strong evidence of bad practice we will investigate.”

Richard Watts, from the Local Government Association, said: “No council wants to have to debt collect from its residents, particularly from people on low incomes, but local authorities have a duty to their residents to collect taxes which fund essential services, such as protecting vulnerable children, caring for the elderly, collecting bins, and keeping roads maintained.

“It is essential that vital services are protected and that these funds are collected.”

Help With Bailiffs

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