Barclaycard (not to be confused with Barclays Bank – they are two separate companies) offer different types of credit card for different people:

  • Balance Transfer Credit Card
  • Purchase Credit Card
  • Rewards Credit Card
  • Credit Building Credit Card

Depending on what you are looking for, a Barclaycard could help you build your credit, spread out the cost of things you buy or earn rewards. However, with an average APR of around 20%, they can also help you get yourself into trouble with credit card debt.

Barclaycard Debt Contact

If you’re struggling to meet your monthly repayments, then your first port-of-call should be contacting Barclaycard themselves – the worst thing you can do is simply ignore the problem. It definitely won’t just go away.

  • From a Landline: 0800 151 0900
  • From a Mobile: 0333 200 9090

If you have found yourself struggling to repay your Barclaycard debt, then get in touch with our expert advisers now. We may be able to write off over half of your debts, and there is absolutely no obligation to use any of the services we may suggest to you, so what have you got to lose?