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CCJs Double in Eight Years

By 27th January 2020News

CCJs Double in Eight Years

Official figures released by the Registry Trust has shown that a record number of county court judgements (CCJs) were issued last year – double that of eight years ago.

These figures show the severe strain that more and more households find themselves in. This is partly blamed on ‘real’ average earnings which, when adjusted for inflation, are still below the levels that led to the financial crash several years ago.

What is a CCJ?

A CCJ, or county court judgement, is an order of repayment set by a court in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They are most commonly issued against people who have failed to repay money they owe on utilities, mobile phones, and car payments.

A CCJ will generally be removed if you pay your debt in full within one month of the judgement date. Otherwise, it will stay on your record for six years. Once you have a CCJ on your record, it may lead to problems being accepted for credit in the future.

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