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Beware: Fake Debts Scam

By 21st December 2018News

Beware: Fake Debts Scam

Fraudsters are contacting people claiming to be from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), and claiming that the person is in debt and they would be arrested, their houses and cars would be seized and passports frozen unless they immediately made payments towards the debts.

Recently an 87-year-old lady was contacted and told she was in £96,000 worth of debt.

A spokesman for the police said: “Although she was frightened by the call the victim insisted she speak to her daughter about the matter before making any payment and the caller terminated the call.

“People need to be aware that HMRC do not conduct themselves in this manner.”

If you have anyone contacting you demanding payment for debts you don’t have, immediately contact your local police.

If you DO have debts, making these threats all the more real, please contact us here at Debt Assist UK today, and let us deal with the debts for you, at least you can be safe in the knowledge that the threats of the fraudsters are nothing but empty threats.