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Bailiffs Can Still Chase You For…

By 30th October 2018News

Bailiffs Can Still Chase You For…

In yesterday’s budget, the Chancellor introduced a series of new measures to help protect people in debt, and offering them much needed breathing space. However, there is still one problem…

The biggest cause of household debts in the UK currently, are energy bills and council tax, both of which are rising at record rates – and much faster than household income. At Debt Assist UK, we have already seen a rise in people looking for help with their energy bill debts, and these are only going to increase as the weather gets colder, and we have seen firsthand that these necessary bills are forcing people to payday loans – notoriously difficult to get out of if you are already struggling with money.

Whilst we approve of the government’s ‘breathing space’ rule, what they don’t mention, is that it won’t actually cover you for utility bill and council tax debts! Which means the can still come knocking, chasing these debts! They say that despite protections on debts, “individuals will still have ongoing household liabilities, such as monthly bills for gas and electricity and council tax, during their breathing space.” Which means that as you are trying to repay your other debts, these companies can still chase you for payment.

‘Breathing Space’ Won’t Save You From…

  • Secured debts
  • Rent
  • Insurance premiums
  • Taxes
  • Water and sewerage charges
  • Utility bills: Electricity, gas, landline phone services, and energy bills
  • Heating oil

How Do You Qualify For Breathing Space?

No matter how many bills you are behind on, and how much help you need, you won’t qualify for ‘breathing space’ unless you:

  • Actively seek and access debt advice
  • Agree to be assessed as being in problem debt by a debt adviser
  • And have not been in ‘breathing space’ in the previous 12 months