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Almost A Third Of People Struggle To Pay Their Bills

By 23rd January 2019News

A Third Of People Struggle To Pay Bills

According a recent report from United Utilities, 3-in-10 people struggle to pay their bills in the North West of England.

Louise Beardmore from United Utilities, said: “This can be a particularly challenging time of the year for many families in the North West.

“While it’s very timely to discuss and raise issues around affordability on Blue Monday, it’s also something that needs ongoing attention. We are therefore launching the North West financial hardship hub, which is the first of its kind in the country, and will be a valuable new resource for the money advice community in our region.”

She added: “This is the second Affordability event we have organised. From our point of view, if customers are struggling with water bills, they are likely to be struggling to pay most of their household bills.

“It can be difficult for a single organisation to make a widespread difference and we believe that a collaborative regional partnership can go way beyond what any one organisation could do alone.

“We are proving this with the launch of the North West Hardship Hub, which has been created following the collective outcome of last year’s event.

“Our new research worryingly found that more than one in four people did not speak to anyone about their recent financial hardship, so we want everyone living in the North West to know help is out there. The hub gives the region’s money advice community the tools to help pinpoint the right support for the people who come to them for help.”

Struggling To Pay Your Bills?

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