About Debt Assist UK

Part of Assist UK Group, Debt Assist UK is one of the leading debt solution companies in the UK. Based in the centre of Manchester, we are a small but focused team who all fully believe in the company’s products and their ability to really help people who are struggling with debt.

Please Note: Debt Assist UK only provide debt advice; we do not directly provide any financial solutions ourselves. We will talk you through your available options and if appropriate, we can offer you a no-obligation referral to a regulated debt solution provider, from whom we may receive a referral fee. Some debt solutions involve fees to you – these fees may differ based on the circumstances of your individual situation, but will always be explained to you by your chosen solution provider in writing before you decide to take up their service(s).

Treating Customers Fairly

Here at Debt Assist UK we are committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of products and services. To help do this we ensure that we treat all of our customers fairly. One of our core beliefs is the ‘Grandma Principle’, which means that in everything we do, we ask if we would be happy if our own grandma was the client. This means that at the heart of Debt Assist UK there are certain rules that ‘grandma’ would be proud of:

Our Core Values

At Debt Assist UK we take pride in helping our clients meet their financial objectives and long-term goals.

We value integrity and wish to promote the highest levels of performance and compliance through honest and forthright relationships.

We aim to give impartial advice and consistently deliver positive outcomes whilst at all times acting in our clients’ best interests.

We will communicate clearly and openly with you so that you can understand the service you can expect from us and so you can make informed decisions.

Our core values shape our culture and reflect what we value. They are the essence of our identity, they are:

  • Being accountable
  • Making a difference
  • Focusing on detail
  • Delivering quality
  • Being completely honest
  • Keeping promises
  • Being reliable
  • Being positive