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5,000 Jobs Cut at Jaguar Land Rover

By 10th January 2019News
Jaguar Land Rover Job Losses

5,000 Jobs Cut at Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has announced today that it is cutting 5,000 jobs from its UK workforce of over 40,000.

Although some production staff may be affected, it is expected that the majority of the job losses will be in management, marketing and admin roles, as part of a £2.5bn cost-cutting plan.

Experts have claimed the loss-cutting exercise is due to combined contributing factors; loss of Chinese sales and fewer diesel sales. The former being a major contribution, as the Chinese market is JLR’s biggest (and most profitable) market has fallen by nearly 50% in recent months.

Over the years JLR has seen a massive increase in employee numbers – more than doubling in the last six years, and unions are keen to examine whether the company is permanently reducing its UK production capacity, or if this is just a short-term measure.

Responding to JLR’s expected jobs announcement, Labour’s shadow business minister Rebecca Long Bailey said:
“We await details of Jaguar Land Rover’s plans but urge the government to look at the business case for these proposed redundancies when they are announced and to work closely with Jaguar Land Rover and the trade unions to ensure that all UK redundancies are purely on a voluntary basis.”

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